Nikolaos Debeyiotis

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Nikolaos Debeyiotis.

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A Little About Me.

When it comes to producing value in commercial real estate, Nikolaos "Nick" Debeyiotis is an expert. He has extensive experience in all sorts of commercial assets, including multi-residential and triple net lease (NNN) commercial properties.
Nick has a strong presence in the commercial real estate market, particularly in the acquisition, restoration, and sale of multi-residential properties. For years, Nick has built a competent real estate management staff to look after his numerous properties.
When Nick Debeyiotis started his real estate business, he invested in the time, energy and resources to make it successful from the ground up. Aside from helping Nick achieve early success and progress, he also opened the path for a promising and long-term career in the real estate sector because of his willingness to get his hands dirty and his dedication to complete apartment transitions on time.

For the time being, he's focused on finding new properties that can be repaired, rehabilitated, and turned into long-term profit centers.

His company is established in Canada, but Nick has recently begun expanding his real estate holdings across North America, with particular focus on Florida. When it comes to real estate, he's always on the lookout for fresh projects with the potential to add tremendous value.A native of Athens in Greece, Nick migrated to Montreal, Canada as a teenager. Nick developed an early fascination with multi-family real estate as a result of growing up in a real estate family.

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